Past Updates

You can now edit your information! I added a section where you can edit your keywords or any of that stuff, plus you can view how many people have clicked on your link! Just type in your password and your account number to access it. Edit Account

I added a section for merchants and a section for auto sports. I also added a feature to count how many hits each site gets. Each time someone clicks on your link it adds a hit! Soon I will be adding an edit your account section so you can change your info. It will also display your hits.

There is now a box that shows the newest submitted website with its link and description.

I redid the search sections a little bit today. There are now fifteen. The sections I added were tennis, golf, outdoors, and wrestling. I also combined the college football and basketball sections to form a College Sports Section. I also took out the top sites section because they could go in link sites anyway.

Today an apparent terrorist attack against the US shocks the nation and brings the sports world to a halt. Most sports activities scheduled for today and the rest of the week, including all MLB and NFL games, have been canceled or postponed till later dates.

-8.25.01 Online and ready to go!

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